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“Max brings ideas, experience and his network to the table to make you a superstar. “

“Max is at the top 1% of all inbound marketing experts.”

Jason Diller


“The results have been transformational.”

Doug Kirk


“It’s rare to find someone who can anticipate and proactively discern market trends.”

Andrea Busse


“Our client campaigns have absolutely gone nuts using Max’s methods.”

Robb Bailey


“His energy is infectious. I enjoy working with Max and predict that you will too!”

David Orecchio

High-Tech Entrepreneur

“His grasp of best practices, analytics and real world experience is invaluable to our marketing efforts.”

Nick Fishman


“His experience and expertise has enabled him to develop an inbound marketing process that works and Max makes himself available to help others learn from his experiences.”

Chuck Malcomson


“I would highly recommend Max Traylor’s expertise to any company seeking “real world” experience in building a successful inbound marketing program, as well as any marketing agency looking to make the shift to inbound marketing as a method of business development and as a service.”

Nick Salvatoriello

Former HubSpot Head Trainer, CHANNEL PARTNER SUCCESS

“Max’s insights have given us the direction we need to conduct and price our agency’s strategy services. You don’t want to miss his webinars.”

Juan Gomez


“If there were ever a special Jeopardy episode on content marketing and inbound marketing, Max would win. By a sizable margin.”

Doug Burdett


“I have hired Max and his team of inbound specialists at IMR for three separate companies for which we have desired to build web traffic, convert & nurture highly qualified leads. The results have been transformational.”

Todd Grant


“I love Max’s brilliant mind! Sales & marketing professionals, agencies and providers alike can take Max’s teachings and immediately prepare & apply his winning strategies to improve conversion rates.”

Marylou Tyler

“His way of working, providing value, and engaging a talented community around him is outstanding.”

Steve Lishanski

Author of Amazon #3 best seller in sales, Ultimate Sales Revolution

Which Channel is Right for Your Business?

Together we solve some big marketing and sales challenges

Content Marketers Blueprint

Whether your business is just beginning inbound marketing efforts or has been inbound marketing for years, the blueprint strategy is a strategy that will scale based on success.

Video Marketers Blueprint

Customized video marketing strategy for your company that will give you detailed video outlines and guided instructions on how video can be used to improve lead generation and lead engagement at each stage of the buyer’s decision process.

Linkedin Marketers Blueprint

LinkedIn content marketing production and distribution plan customized for your buyers and business goals, that maximizes lead generation and engagement.

Predictable Prospecting Blueprint

Working in collaboration with sales enablement best-selling author Marylou Tyler, this industry leading prospecting process will leverage your sales development reps to connect and book meaningful conversations with your ideal customers.