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Hi, I’m Max Traylor and I help sales and marketing teams gain an unfair advantage.

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Max Traylor, Inbound 2013 speaker and author of the award winning “Content Marketer’s Blueprint” brings a unique brand of knowledge sharing to the inbound marketing industry. As a trainer-to-the-trainers for Value Added Resellers working with Hubspot, Max is known for his innovative additions to inbound marketing, marketing and sales alignment and employee motivation. Now rockin’ on his own, Max is excited to work with old and new friends – demystifying the marketing and sales universe. And getting the results you’d always known were possible, but never thought you’d get.


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Why tell Max about your marketing and sales problems? Max’s content marketing strategies have led hundreds of companies to success with inbound marketing. Now he collaborates with some of the most successful sales enablement strategists in business-to-business selling. This first call focuses on your biggest challenges and strategies that Max and others in his network have been using to overcome them.

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Common Problems in Marketing and Sales


Inbound Marketing Strategy

Buyers are increasingly reliant on self-education and online research to make purchasing decisions. When your buyer needs information about how to solve a problem, you need to be found by that buyer and maintain their interest until they are ready to make a purchase.


Lead Managment

Some leads are just researching, others are developing a short list of vendors, some are ready to speak with sales and some are just tire kickers. A lead management process identifies the stages of lead qualification and the respective responsibilities and tasks of the marketing and sales teams at each stage.


Lead Generation

Filling the gaps in content coverage can increase the amount of leads coming through your website in weeks, not months.


Marketing Analytics

If you have been writing content, buying marketing technology and generating leads through your website but you have this feeling that something is missing: you might be closer than you think.


Marketing Automation

While many firms receive the benefit of automating repetitive manual tasks within the marketing and sales process, others over-complicate their use of technology — creating more work than necessary and a disjointed process for buyers.

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Book a time on Max’s calendar to chat about your biggest sales and marketing challenge.

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What some industry influencers are saying:

“His way of working, providing value, and engaging a talented community around him is outstanding.”

Steve Lishanski

Author of Amazon #3 best seller in sales, Ultimate Sales Revolution

“It’s rare to find someone who can anticipate and proactively discern market trends.”

Andrea Busse

Circle Engagement Technologies

“I love Max’s brilliant mind! Sales and marketing professionals, agencies and providers alike can take Max’s teachings and immediately prepare & apply his winning strategies to improve conversion rates.”

Marylou Tyler