Content Marketers Blueprint

Content is the gas that fuels the revenue engine.


How We Create Your Content Marketer’s Blueprint

  • A blueprint will focus all of your marketing stamina around common goals: buyer personalization and lead generation.

  • We’ll start with analyzing your existing marketing efforts and identify gaps with an indepth audit and interviewing process. Then, we’ll help you craft a tailored, unique and strategic plan that guides your marketing, start to finish.

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Inside the Content Marketer’s Blueprint

The Content Marketer’s Blueprint is a 28-page in-depth plan for growing a business. Click on the topics below to see more information about the key components of each blueprint strategy.

Background Education

Graphic Representation of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Documentation of your sales process that moves the buyer persona through the buyer’s journey from starting their information search, to considering your brand, to requesting to speak with sales.

Content assets aligned with each stage of the prospective buyer’s journey.


Persona Documentation

Overview of Your Buyer Persona’s Triggers and Goals

Triggers are events that cause your buyer person to search for information. This is critical background information if you hope to answer their questions.

Your buyer persona’s goals relate to their trigger issues. Again, critical information to be able to create content relevant to those personas.




Common Buyer Persona Questions

Common questions your target personas are asking in order to solve their problem.

Your ability to answer those questions with helpful, none-salesly information.

Content for Lead Generation (Based on Buyer Personas)

Analysis of Content Trends Across Social Media

Analysis of what topics are most popular in your industry. Aligning your strategy with trending topics will help your content spread faster across social media, reaching more buyers and attracting more qualified website visitors.





3 Month Blog Campaign

Suggested blog titles organized by theme. Two titles per week, for 3 months, 24 titles total.

Each title is carefully constructed using a buyer persona’s question, your expert answer to that question, and information on content currently trending in that category.




3 Whitepaper/eBook Titles

Each content campaign must have a related piece of premium content, a longer form whitepaper or ebook that is promoted at the end of each related blog article. This will allow the blog reader to trade their email address for access to the more in-depth content. This is how you are going to generate “information qualified leads” that do not yet know about your brand.

Content for Lead Nurturing (Based on Your Sales Process)

Automated Emails Addressing Buyer Persona Questions

Three blog topics delivered via email to leads that get “stuck.” Each article will address a common question found at that stage of the buyer’s journey.





Product & Service Content to Sell Your Brand

One premium content recommendation to sell your brand.

Detailed guide to organizing your longer form “why choose us” content. Establish the need for your product, list your product and services to address the need, outline the process for working with you, and provide a clear next step.




Case Study Content to Address the Pushbacks in Your Sales Process

Three case study topics delivered via email to leads that get “stuck.” Each case study will address a common pushback to working with your company.





Valuable Sales Offers to Identify Qualified Business Opportunities

The easy offer that will allow leads who are ready to buy to contact your sales team.

The value added offers to capture leads that are on the fence, giving your sales team a chance to help them take the next step and add some value at the same time.




Follow up Procedures for the Sales Team 

Detailed follow up procedure for the sales team to ensure that real feedback on the content’s effectiveness drives the improvement of this plan over time.

How the Process Works

Creating your customized blueprint is a 5-step process that allows us to identify your ideal prospects. Then we create a plan using your website and sales process that’s tailored to reaching those ideal propsects, converting them to leads, and empowering you to close them into customers.

Step 1: Discovery Workshop

In a three-hour discovery workshop with your marketing team and sales team, we ask you a series of questions. These are specifically formulated to gain key information about your business, your industry, and your buyers. We want to walk away with a focused understanding of the researcher; you will walk away with a better understanding of how to strategically align your sales and marketing teams to meet the same goals, as well as a follow-up assignment in preparation for the second workshop (step 3).

Step 2: Buyer Persona Research

We conduct buyer persona research to identify target buyers with the highest lifetime value and return on investment in your market. These are your ideal buyers. We will interview current and past customers as well as prospects that did not result in a sale. We want to learn about their overall experience with your product or service. This is how we’ll create the foundation of your Content Marketer’s Blueprint.

Step 3: Blueprint Strategic Workshop

Using the insights uncovered in the Discovery Workshop, your first assignment, and our persona research, we assemble your customized Content Marketer’s Blueprint. This 25+ -page document includes everything you need – tools, strategies, metrics, and content titles – to execute a 3-6 month inbound marketing campaign from top to bottom.

During the Blueprint Strategic Workship, we’ll present the Blueprint to your marketing and sales teams as well as how to take action on it. This two-hour workshop with our team will energize your teams and enable you to envision the path to your goals.

Step 4: Execute the Strategy

Here’s where everything starts changing for your business. Using the strategy in the Content Marketer’s Blueprint, you’ll decide on a course of action that’s best for your business. You can choose to execute the strategy yourself with your own team, or we can work with you to execute the inbound marketing strategy described in your Content Marketer’s Blueprint. If you choose to work with our team of inbound marketing specialists, we create the content, design the landing pages and emails, set up the automated workflows, and do everything else needed to get your inbound marketing engine up and running.

Step 5: Measure, Analyze, and Improve

Watch the leads roll in. But the work is far from over. The best thing about your Content Marketer’s Blueprint is that it’s a measurable, improvable strategy. If you choose to work with us on-going, we’ll keep a close eye on the data, analyze it using our specialized tools and inbound marketing expertise, and make recommendations to improve on the success you’ve seen, focusing our attention on the marketing activities and content topics that resonate most with your ideal buyers.

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